A Quick Zoom Away

We managed to sneak away for three nights over to Pembrokeshire. The girls haven’t felt sand on their paws all year and I’ve missed the smell of the sea.

It was fabulously stormy so the beaches were quite empty, just how we like them. I had heard that there has been far too many people there, just like here in Dorset, and I suppose our visit just added to the numbers. At least we didn’t see evidence of the horrific mess that has been made of our Dorset beaches in beautiful Pembrokeshire!

It’s all a bit weird isn’t it. We didn’t want to add to Pembs’ burden should anything happen to us, they have very small hospitals, but we did want to do our bit for getting the economy going and see some different walls at the same time! Life is certainly very much different.

It just shows how already overcrowded our little island is when a large proportion of the population can’t go abroad for their holidays during the summer.

I spent a couple of hours doing the August Year of Squares before we went. I really like this Chunky Monkey yarn, very soft and beautiful colours.

I had just had a delivery of yarns for a couple more projects so I had something to take with me.

Olivia had said she wanted a couple of new cardies so we spent a little time going through some patterns online and she chose her colours for two. She went straight for the ones with colour blocks. No flowers, frills or fuss, just blocks of colour, usually blues. She knows her mind! There are several others she picked out too but I thought these were enough for now.

I picked up the now framed Sarah Ross-Thompson collagraph prints from the framers. They look great above our bed. Lovely reminders of my favorite bird, growing up by the sea and a friend.

I’m now off to do a raider ratatouli which is something we make for the freezer. Lots of tomatoes, courgette and anything else we can raid from the garden that needs using, in a pan and seasoned with salt and pepper. When cold it goes into bags and is frozen. We don’t put other flavours in as it then makes a great sauce base for Italian with herbs, Moroccan with spices or Indian with other spices!

Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “A Quick Zoom Away

  1. Full of envy here! I usually go to Pembrokeshire, my second home county, about 3 times year as it is where my Mum was from and I have family there. I miss it SO much. It is hard to now how to get the balance right isn’t it. My favourite beach is Newgale and I like to stay in or near Solva – where did you go? (lots of posts of the area on my blog)
    Love the garden collage – have put Zippity Do Dah on my Wish List. 😉

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    1. My Mother’s Welsh blood calls me back too though my family are more Pontypridd and Caerphilly area. We stay at the other end near St Ishmael’s. We had four holidays booked this year but our house was closed up for the year so they’ve all been moved to next. Our favourite beach is Marloes. Such interesting rocks and we love watching the Choughs and Peregrines there.

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      1. My Mum’s paternal Granny was born at St. Ishmael’s and I had booked to stay there just as lockdown happened so cancelled the trip. I wanted to explore that area some more…… one day.


    1. We did indeed! the house in Pembs has become a second home. Just sad we missed out on three other holidays there this year. Always next year!!


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