The Desert

Yup, still here. My goodness I don’t know where all the creative stuff in me has gone!! I’m still doing the knitting and crochet stuff, it’s keeping me busy and I’m actually quite happy I suppose.

There have been a couple of scarves and cowls. This one is Easy Goes It in Urth Uneek 6020 yarn. A very quick easy knit which will now join others in the not sure what to do with pile. If there’s ever a Christmas Fare again they can go in that!

The #finishdforfriday is part of the Black Sheep Wools group on Facebook. Sara Geraghty who owns BSW has done the most amazing job during the lockdown of keeping her company ‘alive’ with group challenges, regular videos and make alongs. The group has been having fun as well as buying her yarns, I can’t say I’ve seen as much interaction from other companies and Sara deserves a massive pat on the back for caring about her customers as well as keeping her business going.

I have been diggin out some leftovers of my own yarn, there’s a fair bit, being a Nanny does tend to make these things grow, and I’m am having a sort through for a project I will be posting soon.

The new vegetable garden has been producing wonderfully. Early on I couldn’t find any carrot seed to buy but they did have seedlings in my one trip to the garden centre so I bought some. I am totally aware you cannot transplant carrots, I have truly no idea why they sell them to be honest, but it was all I could get at the time. Well they have grown interestingly as predicted but they still taste fabulous!!

I had a little bit of exciting post from Sandra at Wild Daffodil this week. She has been playing with doing twinches and decided to open the fun to others so I joined in. A nice blue envelope arrived and I will be starting on my little Wild Twinches very soon!

I will be linking with Cathy, Margaret, Tracey, Lindy and Sue as well as Sandra.

Other than that there has been an awful lot of this

And this

And I’m finally getting somewhere a I did this!!!!

What you probably can’t tell is that I am up a steep hill and that is a huge pond that has eaten so many of my balls over the months but I actually got one over a couple of weeks ago. I have done it again since but it still eats my balls! Anyway the exercise makes me feel good and I have then earned my sitting on my bum in the studio.

Hopefully our Crafty Cuppa group will be back at the pub next week, all socially distanced of course, so that will be nice and sewcial.

Have a great week, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on!!!!

9 thoughts on “The Desert

  1. Didn’t know that about carrots. Only tried to grow them once and chose short stumpy ones as I was growing them in a planter to fool the slugs but they were so ridged that if you peeled off the dirt there was nothing left.

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  2. Love the scarf – my “Amo Cowl” is sitting on the hall shelf waiting for cold weather – for now I’m happy to look at it, such beautiful colours! Hope you are all well and happy xxx


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