Quick Update

I’ve dug out another UFO and finished it. Way back in 2012 Elsa and I went the the Quilt Championships at Sandown and she loved the quilts by Susan Briscoe. Having bought her Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book we started making up some of the blocks together. It was lovely working as a team. As life moved on the little box of fabrics I’d managed to gather together for her and the blocks we had made were put away but eventually they made their way back to my studio.

Being rather fed up of tripping over the box and it starting to disintegrate I finally took the plunge to see what we had. 20 various blocks just about ready! A couple needed the applique finishing but they could all be trimmed to 9 inches. I had a nice half metre of neutral to sash them with and a teal to use as corner stones.

For the backing I used a pack of 10 inch squares with Japanese patterns some of which could only be used for something like this or the design would be lost.

The wadding was going to be some genuine Japanese quilting silk I had been given by a friend who used to live there (thank you Karen x) to keep with the theme but I didn’t quite have enough in one piece as I have been using it in art quilts. I could have stitched some bits together but silk wadding can be a tricky one to care for especially in a quilt for everyday use with small children! Poly it was instead.

I quilted the blocks individually on the Juki and finished binding it on Monday. I love the scooching up the washing creates. As you can see from the back it’s 40 x 50 inches in size, nice for a lap quilt and I have another tick done and a bit of space on my floor!!!!

I am also up to date with the 12 inch Year of Squares CAL. These are January to July unblocked, which they are now doing in the middle picture. The yarn is Scheepjes Chunky Monkey, a super soft aran weight acrylic yarn in some amazing colours.

More dark colours on the table.

Now what to go for next????

13 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. Some of them are lovely with dragons in red and gold, cranes, koi and fans etc. It’s nice to see them so whole pieces and I like having the brighter backing too.

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  1. Yet another project that probably wouldn’t have been finished without this awful virus! Loved the back almost as much as the front!

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    1. The Happy Quilt was older and I have another from 2009 to get on with but it’s a big one, really not my style (I’ve no idea why I started it) and I can’t build up the enthusiasm! 😄

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