A Minor Arty Thing but it’s a Start!

Sue Brown of started a project with Louise Asher and Liske Johnson called Same Sea: Different Boat. She asked for people to send in collagraphs of a feeling of the lockdown. She would print them and send them back for stitch. Though I saw it all happening from the start I didn’t actually decide to join in until the sending for printing stage had passed, typical, but she has been still accepting stitched pieces. I tried keeping with the overall impression by monoprining in Prussian Blue before stitching my piece.

Same Sea: Different Boat

There’s not much of the monoprint left to see but you can make out some in the foreground. I have really missed our regular early morning trips down to Studland for a good zoom on the beach so I thought I’d use that, the ammonite is of course reference to both our Jurassic coast and that my friends call me Amo and I do seem to use them a lot in my work.

The squares are quite small, stitched area 10cm and you can still join in until the 10th July.

Another finish is a poncho I started about 18 months ago as a car project. It was swamped by other things which is daft as it’s a really quick pattern and in chunky so grows fast too.

I think these are great to wear in the car too as you don’t have sleeves to fight with if you want to take them off.

I have been working on the summer cardie crochet in the evenings but I wanted a new car project. I had squishy post this morning!

It’s supposed to be for the Very Berry Smoothie blanket by Sara of Black Sheep Wools but it’s all stocking stitch and very plain so that would drive me nuts. I had to have those colours though.

Instead I found a block a month on Ravelry called Year of Squares by Marjan from Hobbydingen . Each square uses one ball of the Chunky Monkey and I only have to add two balls for the squares and two more for the joining and border. I’ve just started January in the Iris colour as you can see in the photo. The yarn is beautifully soft and I won’t get bored!!!

The table now updated.

In light of the lack of galleries open, exhibitions and open studios I have been looking at work to buy from real artists and to cheer us up. What couldn’t you like about this gorgeous little wirework wren by Helen Godfrey . She really captures her animals and birds perfectly, AND she lives just on the other side of the hill from me.

I exhibited with Helen at the Cranborne Open Gardens a couple of years ago and wished I had bought something then. Just recently the armillary in the front garden just seemed missing a little something and the wren is just perfect.

Another artist whose work I love is Sarah Ross-Thompson a collagraph printmaker who used to live locally too before she moved to Scotland 5 years ago. She recently printed several birds including my favorite bird, Curlew. I will be having these framed together side by side for above our bed. Once she knew I was putting them in the same frame she inked them up as a pair so they would totally match.

On Friday last week I finally managed to have Elsa and Chris over for the weekend. I’ve missed my kids!!!!!

We went for a round of golf, this is the only reason I wanted to learn to play, to get out there with these two. They’ve both been working at our factory the whole time keeping things going and we are very grateful to have them.

Finally a picture of poor Ellie who has been having shoulder problems, just like me. She had xrays a couple of weeks ago and she has some deterioration in the joints. On Wednesday she had a cortisone injection under sedation. I had mine on the Monday so we are both nursing our shoulders!!!

Doesn’t she look sad. In less pain soon hopefully!

21 thoughts on “A Minor Arty Thing but it’s a Start!

  1. I miss the sea too.Normally I would try to get down to the beach at least once in the summer but it means public transport. You have created a lovely little picture. Hope you and Ellie’s shoulders get better soon.

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  2. So many lovely things in this post. I miss the sea too. Love the poncho – had never thought about them being good to save the the fight between sleeves and seat belt when too hot in the car. Sadly I hardly ever seem to be a passenger in the car since lock down, so very little knitting has happened for me lately. Love the wren and the curlews too. And best of all being able to see see your kids. Fantastic!

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    1. She’s mostly working to order at the moment. If you see anything you like on her FB page send her a message and she’ll work on it for you, though there is a list. She really is good!

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  3. I am missing the sea as well. When we lived in Devon it was just down the road but here it is a half hour car journey which means it is much less of a ‘spur of the moment’ thing. I love the picture you made and the wren caught my eye too. I used to wear ponchos a lot – why did I stop? Maybe that is another project to put on the list.

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    1. I’m a coastal girl as I grew up at Mudeford, born in Highcliffe, Dorset, but now we are 50 minutes away from Studland. We love racing the sunrise to there so it’s super quiet for the girls to zoom. The house in Wales has a garden that has a gate onto the beach and it’s so lovely to have the windows open and listen to the Curlews. We will be back soon! Well, next year anyway.


  4. So much in this blog – interesting links to other artists too – thank you! And your gorgeous yarn projects just make me want to learn to crochet!

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  5. Lovely things in your post. Great idea to table projects and what still needs doing. What a lot you have finished this year. Even with your shoulder slowing you down. I. started blogging again after several years gap when I broke my right arm at the beginning of lockdown and couldn’t do much at least it was something creative, and gradually got back to stitching and knitting.

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    1. Little did I know how the year was going to pan out when I started the table! It’s helped make sense of the bleugh days! 😄 I hope the arm is healed now.


      1. Yes, thanks, more or less. Seeing the physio on Tuesday morning. She’s checking the rotator cuff (my husband fell and tore his 4 1/2 years ago, the operation was too late to repair it and he had a ‘balloon’ fitted, it stopped the pain, but he still can’t raise his arm up), mine already goes higher than his, so fingers crossed, and for carpal tunnel but my hand is swelling much less now. You are so productive and can see that the table is a good incentive. I started a bullet list a few weeks ago, and although I have done more since, I’m not filling it in!

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        1. Does help if you keep it up 😄😄 My rotator tear will be 2 next month 😟 We’ve just got back from a couple of days in Wales where the wind yanked the car door and my arm again 🙄 Apart from it feeling rather bruised I think I may have got away with it as when dog damaged it initially it was from a backward pull and this was a forward one. 🤞


          1. Ouch! Dogs! Colin’s fall was when he was lifting my dad’s dog and she went limp in his arms as he was putting her in the car, and he lost his balance.


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