Hello June!

Well we’re in the last month of the first half of the year and the weather is still amazing. Sadly the restrictions have been lifted and a mad exodus to my beautiful county of Dorset has lead to some disgusting human behaviour which honestly makes me feel sick to the core. I cannot believe the selfishness, stupidity and utter inability to grasp the whole thing by some people. I will keep my inner anxiety to myself and stay away from all those usual haunts we take the dogs to for now and hopefully they will forgive us in the end! We are lucky to have a large garden and local walks for them though.

This week I have started the Wordsworth Cuckoo crewelwork piece. It’s a nice size to sit in the garden with. That’s a 10 inch hoop and it doesn’t go much beyond it.

I also finally finished the Fair Isle! Really quite pleased with it but in future I will check that the yarn isn’t 4ply!

Just as I was starting to get on with Autumn Plaid I saw a shark and a mermaid and thought oooo Christmas! They’re blankets for the Littles so they’ve been added to the table. Here is the begining of the Mermaid tail I started in the garden while enjoying the shade.

It’s a pattern from Black Sheep Wools in a nice chunky Stylecraft on 6mm so my fingers are happy! The shark I’ve had to wing a bit but will show you that when I get going on it.

In the summer we virtually live outside even cooking most meals on the BBQs. We have a big family cooking size one, and little travel gas one we take away with us but you can still get a couple of good sized steaks and some vegetables on it and the charcoal one which cooks meat beautifully but we are reluctant to use when everything is so dry. (Another thing Dorset and the New Forest just over the border in Hampshire has suffered from is horrific fires from disposable BBQs from selfish people.)

Outside the back door we have a little veranda which faces north and is lovely and shady and we spend most meal times there. It’s not huge but enough for us and the dogs, this is first thing for breakfast.

I made a little dangle this week to hang with a few other bits we have in there like lamps from Morocco and a cart wheel and loads of beach finds.

It has a nice view back up the garden across the garage apron and the Swifts, Swallows and House Martins zoom all around the area and in and out of the garage, great fun to watch.

Last year I bought some Louisiana Iris to grow. I don’t have a proper pond, well there’s a tiny one for wildlife at the top of the garden but it is really tiny, so I planted these in a large copper bowl with aquatic soil and pea gravel.

At first there were some lovely decorative stones around the rhizomes but they didn’t like that so we had to take them out. There’s just a fine layer of shingle now, which according to the guy I bought them from they need, and it also stops the birds digging around when they use it as a bath! The first flower to open is Charlotte’s Tutu.

They are extremely hungry plants and I’m hoping we can get them through another winter, they’re evergreen, and see even better flowers next year. The one front right above did suffer a bit.

I like it when the table has a finish on it and a couple of darker in progress this week blues too!

We’re forecast rain tomorrow which will be a nice change! I hope you’re having a good week.

17 thoughts on “Hello June!

  1. Your embroidery is beautiful, love the verandah too, we’ve had a lot of drinks in the garden and the occasional breakfast too. I too have been disgusted by the amount of litter left at beauty spots, social responsibility doesn’t seem to exist in some people, I wonder what they would think if they arrived to find so much rubbish!

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    1. If you’ve seen what they’ve been doing at Durdle Door rubbish was just the aftermath. And they don’t like the dogs on the beaches in the season time! To be honest I don’t want my dogs anywhere near the rubbish they leave! At least the dog ownerS I know pick up after themselves. I’ve been having lots of grrrrr moments lately. 🤨🙄

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  2. Some lovely makes there. I must say, If I had a car (which I don’t) I would love to go to the beach, maybe Highcliffe which is my favourite, but seeing the pictures of crowded beaches does make me realise that it would be a very bad idea. Such a shame with the fires caused by thoughtless people. There was one up north somewhere I read about yesterday.

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    1. Yes, we like Highcliffe, I was born there, but we’ve avoided it with Willow as she can be a bit of a runner. Studland in the cool season is good for her.

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  3. Fab jumper and the embroidery is so delicate. I live in a small town on the river Severn and last week was awful. Trying to get to work when people just abandoned their cars wherever was a nightmare! !! My blood is still boiling 😷

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  4. I can understand your frustration. People are performing as I thought they might after being trapped at home for so long. Short memories of the reason why that was the case. I would be surprised if we don’t see another spike in cases. The stitch work looks amazing. And the Littles will be pleased with their gifts, I am sure.

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    1. There’s the woman who drove and hour and a half to be on Durdle Door beach and then complained of other people there. The tombstoners needing air ambulances using our stretched resources and meaning people having to bunch up so they can land. The piles of rubbish left behind. The fires caused by BBQs, there were 18 last weekend and one at Wareham has taken 12 days to get under control and the loss of animal life is phenomenal. We have the only heathland with all 6 native reptiles in residence in the UK and people are amazingly risking themselves to try and save as many as possible. It really makes me feel ill Jamie. This wouldn’t happen normally. 😢 Thank goodness we have rain coming, I can only hope is stays until after the weekend. 🤞


      1. People just seem to lose all sense of intelligence and reasoning. 90 minutes drive is ridiculous during these times. And those mini BBQ are dangerous in many way, to wildlife (no doubt the cause of the fires you mention), other people and the user. I can’t understand why people use them, invariably leaving them behind too.

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  5. Hello. Just catching up. Can’t believe I’m this far behind. How’s your nice bit of rain now? A bit too much for my liking in West Devon – had a month’s worth last night. Are you getting as much? At least it’s putting paid to all the behaviours you and I have been so unimpressed about and next week the shops open – that should give the idiots somewhere else to gather. Although I don’t envy the shop staff/owners. My next door neighbour owns a shop in Bude and is dreading it.
    Love the crewel embroidery and the mermaid tail. I’ve a small great niece that might like one of those – although it looks rather large for her, so I might seek out a pattern elsewhere.
    So impressed with your chart. I tend it juggle it all in my head and the odd goal oriented blog post.

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    1. Plenty of rain the past couple of days, especially today. Should keep the numpties at home for now. Yes, it’s a bit of a conundrum with the shops isn’t it. We have a pub in the village that we own as a community and we fought hard to have it stay a couple of years ago. It’s doing it’s best now but it’s all the little places like that and the local shops which are going to go under if we’re not careful. The good thing about little people is that they do grow! 😄 The chart has been great as I’m usually a brain juggler too 😄

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