Just Keeping Busy

After finishing the Hygge I was left with quite a lot of the Catona yarn. It was in the Rainbow colourway so this morning I made our rainbow from the leftovers. There’s not too many people in the village and not many children at all but it’s our little bit of hope in the window and I hope someone sees it.

I have 96 of the 4 inch blocks all done.

I spent a lot of time yesterday going through the leftover light pieces and some of the scraps working out what to do for the setting blocks. As I had a fair bit of the rust red from the QAYG I chose that as the dark.

The best use of fabric for the quarter square triangles means I will be actually piecing half square triangles and that means the outside edges will be on the bias. Could be a bit of a nightmare but I have starched them quite heavily and will handle them with care.

When I finished the cutting of those I settled down and stabbed a snail.

He was a cute little Kit gift for Mother’s Day from Chris and so I now have a companion watching over me in the studio along with an owl Elsa made me many years ago.

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