Mid March. Already.

The Hygge now has its centre panel and I’m onto the other end.

You can see it better down the centre of the dining table. I will be extending the ends before the border I think. I may even use it on a different table, not decided yet.

I did carry on a bit with the Fair Isle too, though I said I wouldn’t. It’s something different to do!

Other than that I’ve been wrapped up in the course I’m doing and totally enjoying myself. No stitching involved, which makes a change, but I’m hoping I’ll learn something to take into stitchyness.

I did have a couple of visits to the golf club. One of the days had a huge sleet and hail downpour just as we got to the first tee. Luckily we came prepared. It was freezing!
Sorry Tracy! 🥰🤪

My biggest happy moment this week was finishing filling one of the new vegetable beds!

Now would you look at all that compost all from our own heaps and rich and gorgeous, full of life and worms! That is a 3 x 3 x 3.6 = 4.3 m2 bed and it’s 30cm deep. It’s taken 24 x 110 litre barrows = 2640ltrs so far. We’ve started to fill the bigger one but needed one finished and settling for the broad beans to go in asap. It will probably still need topping up but I may leave that until next year, there’s plenty more to be getting on with!

Happy Birthday Miss Tullamore Dew! 14 years old on this fabulous Spring day and enjoying the sunshine with dad and the Pointer Sisters on the G&T hut.

I will leave you with the wish that you all stay well or if you succumb to the dread virus gripping the world at this time it passes quickly.

PS, the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta has been sadly cancelled.

7 thoughts on “Mid March. Already.

  1. Your Hygge looks beautiful and it’s always good to mix crochet and knitting. Sorry about the Brockenhurst Needlework Festival being cancelled for you and myself. I had thought that I had finally got things to go to but being over 70 I am now staying at home for the forseeable future,

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  2. Miss Tullamore Dew! The Pointer Sisters! The G&T hut! You are giving me the best laugh with your names! All good here for the moment but don’t expect it to last even though we are pretty north and rural, but the powers that be are smart enough to start taking precautions with closures, cancellations, shifts to drive-up only and encouragement to shelter in place. Fortunately, I live in a beautiful area to shelter in place. Glad to hear all is well with you too and may it stay that way.

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    1. We do count our blessing at having a place as nice as this to isolate, John being in the ‘vulnerable’ group, perhaps that should be venerable as autocorrect wanted to put! Hopefully the east wind will switch around and we can enjoy some more sundowners at the hut. 😊


  3. The Hygge is coming on a treat. I spotted it a while ago and half thought about it, but I’m dreadful at finishing projects that need an ‘extra’, like the embroidery. Well, let’s be honest here, I’m actually pretty dreadful about finishing a lot of projects 🤣🤣
    Stay safe x

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