End of February

The little ammonites piece is growing.

The dark felt background is actually 15 x 7 inches so it will finish a little more than this. Perhaps this photo shows the sparkle a little more.

I like ammonites to have a bit of sparkle as I think of mica and how the core of the cells can sometimes crystallise. It’s more often seen in broken flint nodules but even those were once corals that have fossilised. Anyway, this little piece making itself this week has made me happy after struggling with the last piece. Inner Critic and True Voice have certainly been butting heads this week!

Nothing in the Table has been touched this week BUT I did get carried away when down with the cold and bought the Scheepjes 2017 Crochet A Long kit.

I don’t need a shawl but I have been looking into making a table runner and this came up in my feed and I thought it would do nicely. Of course it being an old CAL I don’t have to wait for the weeks to be revealed but I’m up to week 4 so far.

The slight skewing at the beginning is normal apparently and will block out at the end.

Snowdrops was good, I only came home with 2 cards and one picture. It’s always lovely when someone wants to live with your work so thank you if you bought the picture or any of the cards.

Brockenhurst is coming up fast, 25th and 26th April to be exact. I will be there with Maggie as usual so come and say hello. Maggie will be doing a Bits Swap which you can read about more of HERE. Looks like it could be quite interesting!

I’ve been trying to find more blogs to read so going through my current followed blogs and looking at their blog lists, if they have them. One annoying thing about WP is that the blog lists are only in order of when you added them, Blogger has them in order of the latest posts of the blog. It’s a pain to find a blog that looks interesting to only find the last time they wrote anything was two or three years ago! I’ve not long cleared out my feed of dead blogs, I don’t want to add more. I have contacted WP, which is very quick and easy to do, and they tell me there is no way that can be done, yet, they’ll put it on request.

Commenting has dropped off now I’m settled here. I don’t know if it’s the way the comments work on here or just pure lack of time/interest from readers. Thank you if you do comment, I respond on the blog as the notifications come through my dashboard. Blogger always went back through emails. I’m still preferring it here to the old site though and I still have trouble with Safari not letting me comment on Blogger so have to remember to dig out Chrome instead.

I hope you are dry and safe in the storms. Have a good weekend.

Ellie trying to crochet the Hygge CAL

10 thoughts on “End of February

  1. The Hyyge CAL is very attractive. I was almost tempted myself when it came out. The Brockenhurst event looks interesting even though I am more into crochet than embroidery. Since I live in Southampton and have no car it is actually something I could get to. What do you do for it, if you don’t mind me asking?

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    1. It has a nice weight to it and I’m enjoying the Stone Washed too. (That’s only the grey background).
      It’s a nice little show at Brockenhurst. There’s a traders list on the website. I’ll be upstairs doing something with Maggie’s WoW book. Not sure if I’m demoing this time or just chatting through the techniques. Maggie definitely will be demoing though. If you do fancy a crafty day out, the train station is not far from the hall. 😊

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  2. Love the crochet project! And your latest ammonite project looks beautiful xx

    @ Rainbow Junkie ~ Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta is a lovely local crafty event, nothing too big but they have a lot to see and do which is nice.

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  3. I think comments for most blogs have dropped off these days – many people have moved onto Instagram and other similar platforms and there doesn’t seem to be the level of blogging that there was 4 or 5 years ago. I still think it’s nice to keep up with a blog – you can talk in depth in a way that you can’t with the snapshot format of instagram.

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    1. That’s exactly it isn’t it. I skim through Instagram and Facebook but spend some lovely time reading blogs. They don’t disappear under a tide of other people’s postings! I’m hoping they’ll come back as people get fed up with trying to find things on Insta and FB 😄


    1. Thank you Helen. I’m dreadful at getting to December and thinking it’s been a barren year creatively! Hopefully I now have proof it hasn’t been.


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