No Finishes But

A few bits have moved on. The Kraken Bag front panel has been finished .

I can now crack on (‘scuse the pun’) with the back. It should be simpler but these things evolve as they will.

The large Gem Tree was done and placed on a Piddocked rock I had and added to my little collection so actually that is a finish.

The crochet waistcoat has a front and I’ve nearly done the other one. This is making up fast but it’s my car project and I’ve been doing the driving lately so it’s been slow going.

I’ve also done another block on the Autumn Plaid blanket. This is easier now I have a dog proof basket to keep the tub with the balls in. Working with 9 balls at once is too much of a tangle temptation when your lap is needed for cuddles. Good TV project this and hundreds of ends to finish if I don’t fancy crochet!

The reason things have gone a little slow is that last week I played far too much Golf! Even in the high winds we were out. Made it all a bit interesting! When I wasn’t golfing there were a few dog walks. I walked nearly 70km last week! That may not be huge to some of you but to me it is!

Speaking of the dogs, poor little Tully had a abscess come up and had to have a bit of dental work. 24 teeth out later and she’s much better! Yes she still has some to chew a bit, but not just yet. She’s 14 next month and I was a little worried but she a happy little thing now.

This week I went back to InStitches to have a couple of days with Debbie Lyddon. We made a cohesive pallette of colours for papers and fabrics then taking shapes from our photos used colour, texture, line, shape and space. There were lots of messy bits, fiddling about and waxing. Though my pieces aren’t my style I can see where I could use some things I learnt, especially as I’m focusing more on abstract rather than my more realistic way of working. I’m going to put all these pieces, together with the last workshop bits, in a book so I don’t lose them.

The Snowdrop pieces were put in float frames and taken up to the Shaftesbury Arts Centre for their exhibition, it’s on until the 22nd February. Quite pleased with how they look framed up.

Happy with the table this week even though I’ve been out of the zone quite a bit!

I’m hoping this week to go back into the garden but everything is so wet and sticky, chalk is not a nice thing to walk on when saturated, and we have an even bigger storm supposedly coming through over the weekend. I can do cold, like a bit of cold, but this endless wet is becoming depressing.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “No Finishes But

    1. When I’d finished the last round of golf I felt wonderful, but not sure I could do that many again! Tully has done really well over the past year since losing her Ruger. the girls don’t let her cuddle up like he used to.


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