End of January

The Hounds piece has been finished and made up into a little pillow, 9 x 10 inches.

I had fun with the binding. I used a variegated thread by Oliver Twists in 039 Pistachio which has all the colours of the wools I used and made a long strip of button holes, 86 in all though I did have a few left over.

I then slit them all and folded the strip in half to use as the piping. They were very easy to make on the Juki.

Edlothia is finished, I really enjoyed making this. I thought the tassels would add some ‘weight’ to the corners.

This is it being blocked and you can see all the sections. Not difficult at all and very effective. Ideal TV work! If it’s not claimed by someone it will go in the gifting pile.

I’ve always wanted to make a gem tree. In fact I can remember going to MACH ‘94, a big annual manufacturing exhibition at the NEC, where they had huge, industrial sized reels of copper wire. I wasn’t allowed to buy one. Copper gem trees were all the thing back then, (a bit like macrame plant hangers coming back at the moment! I made dozens of them back in the day!). Anyway, fast forward 26 years and one of the bead shops had a special on some of their kits so I bought a couple! I did the small one with a glass apple in mind.

It used to have air plants in it but now has a gem tree and succulents instead.

The medium has been done in a tapas dish that had nothing better to do. Front side…

And back…

The large one I will do with different coloured chips but need to find how I’m going to display it first.

So the table is looking bluer! I think I will try to work on a couple of the other bits before looking for something new. That is until something new shows up somewhere and I’ll just have to have a go!

Next week I seem to have been overly subscribed on the golf course! Three games and a lesson on Friday. Doesn’t look like much time, or energy, left for creating but we will see!

Have a great weekend!

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