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Oh My, I Have a Clear Desk!

I know I’m back but just one last post! Just look at that! Whoop!

I nearly fell over when I walked in this morning. Room to breathe and think of what next. (There’s plenty that needs doing).

We left the house in the dark on Christmas morning and were on the beach at Studland for sunrise.

The light was beautiful and it was so clear, the first time in ages, no rain!!

The girls loved it. Willy even decided to be a surf babe until she realised how cold it was. The rest of the day was spent playing with their new toys, eating lots of treats and snoring in front of the fire. Not too bad at all really.

I finished the scrap book and used up so many bits I actually managed to clear a shoebox and reorganise the others.

I used a verse written quite anonymously by someone called A.H and it’s not me! Probably why I picked the book up though. It’s not the best verse but this one fitted the space I wanted to fill so it now has a new life


The book is 9”x7” and nice and fat! Everyone loves a fat book.

So that one lot of stuff gone! Over Christmas I put Roseta to one side and decided to focus on finishing the needlepoint Tiger Moth as it’s been hanging around.

Just the dark patches on the upper wings and the last quarter of background to do. It’s taken this long because there are 6 shades of orange and the print colours were so close I needed good light to see the differences. In the end, with the help of a window seat, I used the paper pattern more and just winged (‘scuse the pun) the rest of it!

I hope you have a lovely last weekend of 2019 and lots of nice things coming up for 2020. We will see you in the next decade!

5 thoughts on “Oh My, I Have a Clear Desk!

  1. I so LOVE all the pictures of the dogs! Snippets of that poem have the proper feel to go with the Victorian-ness of the book pages I think. Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

    As for the cleared desk, that is about how much space open to work in on my work table (which is actually two banquet tables pushed together). Stacks and stacks of well-meaning stuff for various projects already finished or waiting to be tackled surround this small clear space. But at the moment, it is not clear either, having not put all away from my last bookbinding project while things for the next bookbinding project encroach. There are also stacks on the floor, the ironing board, the tables surrounds for sewing machines, even on top of one of the sewing machines. Yes, a true mess that is getting more and more difficult to work in. So what does my nephew say, who came for a few days over Christmas? I want a picture of your studio. NOOOOOO! I wasn’t even going to let you in there. It’s an unholy mess! As well it should be, he calmly says. And no, he is not an artist himself, but on the several occasions that he has visited, he just goes in there and absorbs whatever is lying around and on the walls, slowly and with few questions, while I nervously point out or explain this and that. He eventually will say that he finds the design process fascinating, even though he mostly has no idea of the actual process of making what I make and what all these materials and techniques are that I mention. Kind of an object lesson for me as well as a bit of incentive to get in there and actually do some work and even straighten up!

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    1. The studio never looks tidy but it’s nice to have a bit of space (I didn’t show the rest of the room!). It’s a fine line between having stimulating things around you, keeping plentiful projects on the go and brain stifling chaos that stops progress. 😁


  2. Well done for being able to see your work space- I usually find that while aiming for clear I find a project or two to finish and that’s what I do instead!!!

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