Last of 2019

It’s the end of another year and, to me, 2019 has gone in a blink. Some weeks I feel as if all I do is open and close curtains! Either time is moving faster and no one is paying attention or I’m not properly absorbing events that I know happen, they’re in the diary! Anyway this year has taken far too many people and dogs away, starting with my precious Ruger, certainly an end of year for reflection.

Yesterday I watched the Solstice sunrise, something I always try to do. I always feel that the earth pauses, holds its breath like it’s teetering between now and the calendar new year before tilting back the other way.

In the studio I’ve found a few of my boxes of scraps I use for cards and book pages and they’re cluttering the desk.

I love getting these out and layering them up for things and I’ve an urge for some books just to use them up. This past year I’ve done quite well at not buying more things and going through what I’ve got! I’m going to try and keep that up.

This is a box of still unused leftover pages which I’m going to try and use too. I feel quite excited at the prospect of a book or two. I really should sell a few of the others. Maybe I’ll do an Etsy shop or something one day.

Rosetta hasn’t moved along much but I was wanting a pick up project for car journeys and sitting at appointments so I thought of doing a sleeveless vest for golfing. Not unwieldy and will be useful. I looked online for a yarn with some wool in it for warmth. I found some beautiful yarn but working out the yardage I would be paying silly money for it. I worked on the fact that I can actually buy one from the golf shop for about £50. Good old Stylecraft came up with something that ticked the boxes and in a blue, I always seem to wear blue, which is mottled enough to be interesting but would also show a pattern.

If I like what I make, and actually wear it, I may buy a softer yarn as this is a little rough which surprised me but no part of it will touch skin to be itchy. I can also wash it lots!

I saw somewhere, and I really can’t think where, a chair covered in knitting. My chair is a bit old now so I thought it could do with a cover too. This is 2cm chenille on 25mm needles. Lovely and soft and interesting to knit with!

The funny shape at the front is from an extra bit of foam. I needed a bit more height to sit at the Juki and the gas lift gave up a long time ago!

The lectern fall has been blessed at the church so I popped in to take a photo. It looks ok! I was given a specific brief which included the words peace love joy and the village stream. I thought to make the stream of the words instead as that’s what we hope flows though all our communities isn’t it?

I wish you Peace, Love and Joy for the season you celebrate and for 2020.

3 thoughts on “Last of 2019

  1. Peaceful holidays to you too! The lectern fall is beautiful – I like the words flowing like a river – and a knitted cover for your chair made on huge needles with thick yarn? Now THAT’s something!

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  2. The knitted seat cover is fab – and the church banner is gorgeous!! Hope you had a fab Christmas, and wish you all the best for 2020 xxx


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