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High Summer

I finished the little beetle cushion and it looks nice on the settle.  Here it is with a couple of panels Elsa and Mike bought me for my birthday, also made up into cushions. 

It’s been a little warm to be doing fabric type things in the studio, it is after all the conservatory and can become a little warm in there. I did dig out the Sizzix though and trashed the place with paper to make some cards for the C table.

These are some card toppers I’ve finished today, just trying to decide if I should mount them before they go on the card fronts, the Manila type ones again, as the hessian backing is a very similar colour.

I’m trying for variety!

In the crochet department I did made some Scrubby Soap Sacs.

You keep the soap in the little cotton bag and use it as a sort of flannel and as they’re different colours you can tell which is whose . When you think 100 years ago, and less, they didn’t have much in the way of plastics and certainly not the amount we seem to have in such a small area as a shower cubicle. If they could survive back then we can certainly do better now.

The Forget Me Not Blanket is being raffled for the GSP Rescue UK using Facebook, draw on the 12th October. Tickets are £2 each, 5 for £10 or 12 for £20. The last blanket went off to a lovely lady on the Isle of Wight and raised enough for the high vet bills of a couple of the poorly rescue dogs.

I’ve been trying to play this golf game. Beginners lessons are over and I’ve been out on the course a few times with friends. I’m learning as I think I need the extra exercise, it’s really rather sociable (we have a lovely little group of us from the village who have learnt together) and I want to be able to go out with Chris, Elsa and Mike who all play. The other day John decided to join me, he doesn’t play. We hired a buggy and Willow could come along too.

It was a lovely afternoon starting with lunch in the club house and a beer afterwards. Nice to spend time together in a lovely setting.

I hope you are managing to keep cool in the heat like Ellie if you are having it too!

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