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Sorry, MIA

We’ve been back to Wales for a week and it was glorious! Just as the big heat hit we were in the house next to the sea with lovely breezes and somewhere for the girls to cool off on their own beach.

Lots of major zooms on the big sand beaches too.

Walks with friends and their dogs with tea and home made cake afterwards.

I took the mobile studio and even managed to unpack it but didn’t really use it so failed again! However the soul is soothed, the girls are still in recovery and I’m ready to start thinking about the C 🎄 word properly!

On the Sunday of our return we had a amazing day at McLaren for the German GP.

Lots of amazing cars to see on the tour and a chance to be in Mission Control during the race and listen in to team orders directly to Carlos and Lando too. It was all thanks to Grandson in Law who is one of their apprentices. Lovely facilities and it was great to see the passion from all the people who worked there. It was a truly amazing race as well, at one point Josh’s heart rate was 111 just sitting watching! We were very thankful to be asked.

A bit more creative stuff to come soon.

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