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A Couple of Days Away

Elsa had a meeting in London last Friday so I tagged along. The weather was pretty good for charging around city streets, appalling for June though.

Once we’d checked our bags in and Elsa had gone off I went and had breakfast and decided to walk from Trafalgar Square over to Victoria and Shepherd’s Bookbinders. All my printmaker and bookbinder friends had told me about it so I thought I’d investigate.

Lots of interesting papers to admire and bits and books bobs.

I only bought a few little scraps of Japanese paper and a new bone folder as mine is MIA somewhere!

Afterwards I went on down to Tate Britain and the Van Gough exhibition.

After paying £25 for a timed entry I was herded in with dozens and dozens of other people. Not my idea of heaven to start with. There were already grumpy kids in there moaning and playing up. Even though there were big signs saying no flash photos, there were some, and backpacks to be held not worn I was pushed out of the way several times by huge ones on people’s back.

I did see Starry Night Over the Rhône which was quite beautiful.

And Sunflowers which was larger than I remember. I was only small when I last saw this though.

He had a very beautiful and considered way of laying down his paint. Nothing slapdash about it and every stroke has to earn its place.

Over all I was terribly disappointed in the exhibition. Apart from the overcrowding and inconsiderate people there were too many pieces by other artists who either influenced him or who he has influenced himself and not enough of him, though there were some delightful sketches too. From there I toddled back into Westminster, past all the building work and demonstrations and the tourists touting fate putting their hands on the horses or even the guardsman outside one of the buildings. One horse nearly got his teeth in to a woman, much to my amusement. Even the very disciplined soldier had a little smirk.

After a Nana Nap I met up with Elsa and we went out to Leicester Square for dinner and a comedy show. The following morning we went on a Big Bus tour and had a lovely time seeing all the sights together on the Red Route then transferred over to the Blue Route and went out to the V&A and Natural History Museum. Neither of us had a ‘got to see’ list so we wandered around trying not to be overwhelmed. Horror of horrors I discovered that the vast textile rooms on the top floor of the V&A are no longer there! All in storage apparently. I did get my hands on the moon at last though.

It was a lovely, precious time in the company of my girl who is always so busy with her life now. I hope we can do it again.

At home I have only picked up a little stitch which I was doing with Wimborne West Country Embroiderers this month. It’s a very easy cheats way of crazy patch and I’m now meandering all over it and adding beads before turning it into a pouch.

I finished three little encaustic pieces.

I was seriously contemplating doing the Dorset Art Weeks again next year with more mixed media but they’ve just sent out the all new criteria and it now seems they are discouraging the little people like me with their big venue and limited numbers ideas. Oh well, it won’t stop me making I suppose but it’s very sad that I’ve paid hundreds of pounds since 2014 to be in it and now I’m not good enough. Elite? You bet.

The little guys are quite big guys now as they’ve just gone into their 5th instar.

Most are 5.5cm now. Not sure if they will do another one before making their cocoons but they did sleep for 2 days before moulting this time so the changes are getting bigger.

The Workshop on the Web Book 4 has just been launched, there’s a link on the right, and this time I’ve been doing reviews. The rest is packed full of great articles guest edited by Linda Monk. Very much worth the read.

I hope you have a good weekend and don’t have to dodge too many rain showers!

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Days Away

  1. “He had a very beautiful and considered way of laying down his paint. Nothing slapdash about it and every stroke has to earn its place.”

    I love how you describe his work – don’t think I’ve seen it put this way before, and from pictures only did not have that impression of his style. It’s surely the way I like to work with my art, though the slap-dashers scoff and insist I loosen up.

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  2. Looks as if you had a great time!!! I laughed when I saw your crazy patch Richmond and Kew did that for June’s craft too!!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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