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Some Mixed Media and Paintwork

I brought a concertina book, a pink pig sketchbook and one I had made specifically for this place and I’ve actually done some work in each of them.

I found a jellyfish washed up and did a few closeup studies on it. Beautiful colours.

And the rocks here are lovely. Each bay and beach is so different.

I’ve not wanted to think in terms of ‘painting’ but more a means of remembering. There is Mixed Media in the backgrounds and I’ve used found objects, feathers and bamboo from the garden to make marks. I’m hoping to be able to transfer some of this to stitch either with textiles or/and paper.

This will be a long term, on going project with each visit adding more.

4 thoughts on “Some Mixed Media and Paintwork

  1. Impressed! You’re really “working” those sketchbooks and gathering great visuals and memories for future work for sure. Love the way you captured the rockface and the foamy bubbles in the water.

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    1. It’s handy having several on the go so ty can dry. I’m trying to look at alternative views, the bubbles are actually in the jelly of the jellyfish. They were so amazing close up.


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