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No Stitch but Paint

John and I have done a lot of travelling, mostly BW (before Willow) and I have never really taken advantage and been one of these people who sketch and paint it all. It’s something I’ve always felt guilty about. The sketchbook is packed but it comes back unopened. I do, however, have lots of stitched pieces that remind me of these places as I’ve worked on them on the move.

So what made this lot join me?

Recently an expecting friend of mine showed me her new baby changing bag and I immediately thought studio! It has waterproof lining, pockets everywhere and a metal frame top to keep its shape. As a backpack it’s easy to carry too.

As you can see I can pack loads in.

It helps that I’m currently staying at our most favourite place after home and I know what there is to inspire. I’m waking to possibly my most favourite sound, curlew, there’s lots to explore and the view just keeps me hooked.

Storm Hannah has just been through and the beaches are refreshed with goodies. I’ve been collecting and will try and actually use them to fill some pages in the sketchbooks I have with me. I’ve recently taken some workshops to try and kickstart me again and, well, we will see.

7 thoughts on “No Stitch but Paint

  1. Fab backpack. I looked at them after I saw your idea and found one that also has a strap which attaches it to a suitcase handle … I’m now sorted for my next holiday!


    1. This has bits for hanging off luggage/pushchair/car seat back. I did see one with a non pocket thing to put over a trolley handle too. You’ll get loads in it!


  2. Repurposing is a great resource and often cheaper than buying things made for specific use. Don’t know if this is true of the diaper bag, but never having had kids, it’s not something I’d even think of. I’ve recently dug out a free messenger bag, very sturdy, that is just big enough to slip a collapsible stool into along with a few sketching supplies for the urban sketching thing. I was SO excited to finally have a way to pack that stool without having it stick out of a tote bag! I sense some wonderful days and drawing sessions in your future as well as mine.


      1. The funny thing is that the two have co-existed in my house for well over a year but not near enough to each other for me to think, oh, this might work. I’ve only used the stool a few times, trying different open-topped totes when I did remember to bring it along (something to be said for getting in the habit!), but I suppose the back of my mind insisted that messenger bag would be too small. It has a small pocket on the outside that is covered by the flap and is the perfect size for my sketchbook. I have a small zippered bag for pens, pencils, a small watercolor set that goes in the main section with the stool and there is plenty of room to add a few more things like a water bottle, wallet, etc if I’m going to be out long. I expected it to feel heavy on my shoulder but for some reason it feels nice and light and easy to carry – maybe it’s the wide strap. At any rate, isn’t it exciting when we make these organizational discoveries that will propel our sketching when we are out of the studio? I just love that bag you have, no way I would suspect its designed purpose, looks very sleek and dare I say, professional from the outside and oh so full of great pockets etc on the inside. And can be worn as a backpack? Fabulous!

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