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Some Actual Stitch

When I was at Kingcombe I saw one of the ladies with an amazing little bag. She couldn’t remember the name of the pattern at the time but I managed to find it in the end. It’s a cracking little bit of kit called the Bionic Gear Bag, or BGB.

It’s a very neat tabletop bag of all things at 26cm long by 15cm high. Ideal for taking out as it sits neatly on the table and the tray at the front stops things rolling away.

They’re about to launch a new pattern of a larger version with some added modifications but, after reading what they’ll be doing to the new one I just added a tweak or two to this one. Really pleased with it and can’t wait for my next Crafty Cuppa and WCE meet ups to show it off.

Some of you may remember this piece Earths Treasures I made last year.

It’s was done in response to the two Iron Age villages on the hill we live on. We have lots of ancient settlements around here.

I spent yesterday with a lovely man called Martin Green who lives on the back side of our hill on his farm where he has amassed an amazing collection of artefacts in his own museum as well as on his land.

Martin in his sectioned trench of the Dorset Cursus.

He has found them all on his own and with the help of several universities who come to study with him. This is just a small selection of the Iron Age section.

I find it all inspiring and some ideas are starting to form to make some more pieces to go with Earths Treasures. I’m pleased that the group I’m hoping to do an exhibition with has decided to go for 2021 instead of next year as lots of the members seem to be busy for the time slot we had and I’m only just finding my mojo but at least I’m thinking ahead!

Martin had a huge fossil collection too, some from the coast…

And some from the fields around here too.

I already spend a lot of time dog walking the fields looking for things, now I will have to try looking harder!

6 thoughts on “Some Actual Stitch

  1. That bag is rather nifty! Looks like your move to WordPress was successful – old blogger posts here as well. I’ve added this one to my feedreader and it comes through great.


    1. It was so easy Sheila! When I moved to Blogger initially I lost all my previous Live posts but they managed to move the lot to WP. I suppose the technology has moved on so much in 10 years.


  2. Hiya, lovely to see the new blog! I have a couple of those zippy pouches: a three and a 2 zipper version – your 4 is lovely! Out goddaughter is studying palaeontology at uni and has found some great fossils


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