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A Few Finishes and a Yay!!

I have really been stalling lately and decided to just pull some fabric, play and stitch and see what came out of it. No planning or too much thought, I just needed to try and kickstart a creative flow.

I cut up a selection of fabrics, layered them, stitched them together then cut them up again. It was fun rearranging them on a background and stitching again.  14 inches square.

They did need just a little bit more though so I folded some of the corners revealing even more layers and added beads.

I also managed a start on one of the purse frames.  I’ve had this piece of patchwork pinned on my wall for years!

I was never overly fond of the colour so I added layers of wool tops with the embellisher, yes it coped fine with all the seams. (And a form of felting I actually enjoy!)

I added machine stitch in a pattern with a sort of wisteria idea in mind.

I then added lots more stitch, some chopped sari silks, a layer of chiffon and even more stitch so I think that idea went out of the window.  I made up the purse shape and added beading.

In the end there is virtually nothing of the original fabric left on show but I’m quite pleased with the result.

I did indulge in spending a whole day just with pencil and paper.  I’d forgotten how much I love just line and tone. These don’t photograph too well I’m afraid coming out a little harsh and lacking in the detail.


And finally, our front lawn this morning is starting to look like this.

And the view from the in the house is very exciting!! (Not the man, the scaffolding!! What are you like?)

You would not believe the drawings for this project.  For now I will leave you with what the front of the house looks like at the start of this project.

Fingers crossed it looks as good as we hope it will at the end!!

8 thoughts on “A Few Finishes and a Yay!!

  1. I love how you've “purpled ” the Orange!! The cut and sew and rearrange top looks fab, I really want to touch it! I can't enlarge the house pic: are you adding to the right to mirror the left? Is that little dormer window yours or next door's? (Sorry, dad's an architect – brought me up to be nosey about houses and extensions!!!)


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